Why Protect With Apex?

 Focused on the future, 🔮 Apex Insurance is a 100% virtual. Think of the 'internet-based' insurance companies you already know, except a REAL HUMAN insurance agent to talk to, amazing hours that WORK with your schedule, multiple company options, and lightning fast technology.⚡️

Hi, I'm Jill!

I'm the hyper, little chick running Apex insurance. I have designed Apex Insurance to be an independent insurance agency that has access to all insurance types but specializes in Powersports.

What the heck is Powersports? -- Motorcycles, Off-Road Vehicles, RV’s, and Boats. 🏍🛵🚤

While Apex specializes in the fun stuff, it’s not all we do. Home insurance, vehicle insurance, small business insurance, and even life insurance -- Apex Protects It All. 


I started Apex in mid-2017 and it's my goal to continue constantly growing and expanding the borders of my insurance territory. I am actively writing insurance policies in 9 states  (AL, CA, DE, FL, GA, MD, NJ, PA, VA)  with multiple insurance carriers in most states. 


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