Don't Quit - Change

“You’ve been using your personal phone to run your insurance agency for almost 2 years?” The Verizon rep I was working with asked me that question last night as I nervously sat at the counter. I’ve been making some important changes to my insurance agency this year that were only able to be made because Apex grew.


In all actuality, it wasn’t so hard to run my business from a personal iPhone and my business phone STILL exists on my personal phone. The biggest differences now are that I can turn the business side off COMPLETELY and easily transfer calls for when I am away. 


I found it increasingly difficult to unplug from my business. Even though I would turn my phone on Do Not Disturb during my off hours, notifications and things that were happening within my business were still available for me to see constantly. Having the separation has been a massive relief. 

For Apex, I got a VOIP hardwired phone that also has a mobile phone application. Apex’s business number didn’t change, I still have the functionality to text customers, I can forward calls when away, set up open and close hours, create an automated receptionist and so many more things. 


The difficulty unplugging from my business created some pretty rough times for me as a business owner. For the past couple of months I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping, concentrating, and doing much of anything without struggle. This all could have triggered me to give up but instead I choose to change. 


Yes, Verizon rep I HAVE been using my personal phone for all business and personal use with absolutely no separation for almost 2 years. It made sense when I first started out and worked until change needed to occur. Not just in entrepreneurship, but in life, when we find ourselves in deep stress and unhappiness, don’t quit — change. 

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