On Purpose

“Life always deals me a 💩 hand!” = Me WAY too often. As I’m getting older and almost at the end of year 2 of being a business owner, I’m starting to realize something pretty profound. 

Since I started my insurance agency, it seems each aspect of my life has been given strict orders to wage war. As if the battles you fight starting a business virtually, in an industry that is still light years behind your vision, isn’t enough... everything else waged war with it. 


In the last 24 months, my health has been challenged in degrees I hope never happen again, the top relationships in my life go through battle, after battle, after battle. I too often shake my fists towards the heavens and wonder….why my hand of cards feels so difficult, so devastating, so alone. 


I’ve been working diligently to change this view within myself. Viewing things this way is extremely detrimental to my health — physically and mentally. I’ve been keeping the story of David and Goliath close in my mind. “If there is a Goliath in front of you that means there’s a David inside of you.” 


Maybe… this Goliath of a war that is constantly waging in my life is on purpose... I desire very great things out of myself and my life. Truly Great things do not present themselves in front of us without work, failures, heartbreak, devastation and most of all consistency through it all. 

You can’t focus on conquering when all you see is an impossibility in the hand you were dealt. My hand of cards is on purpose and I will stand tall, stone in hand, ready to consistently fight for what I desire. 

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