The Key to Success is Not The Amount of Money You Make.

Success is relative. Your version of success does not and will not be the same as someone else’s. I write a lot about hard work because it’s my message to the world. Hard work is my message to those who want to listen or read what I write because it’s brought me success and happiness in parts of my life I thought were forever wrecked. 

Until about two years ago, I thought my version of success was money. Working full time as a teenager in high school, I made my first real success goal that seemed absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to reach. I decided in my naive mind, “If I can make 6 figures a year then I made it!!” and from that moment on it was cauterized on my heart. It was literally, all I thought about and worked towards. 

At 27 years old I moved to Georgia and landed not just one… but multiple 6 figure a year jobs. I got my version of “success” a lot faster than 16 year old Jillena, working at Taco Bell for $6.50 an hour, ever thought she would. I wasn’t happy. I was absolutely CRUSHED. Every paycheck I got, every “no you can’t do that”, every commute, every day, my resentment got worse. 

I was mad at me. If I got to the goal, why wasn’t I happy? Why didn’t I feel like I was a success? Success is relative and a constant journey. Today, I am 29 years old, I own my own business, I am in more debt than ever, I don’t even currently collect a paycheck and I feel the happiest and most successful that I ever have in my entire life. Money does not bring you happiness. Money is not the only factor that equates to success. 

Now, after learning that valuable life lesson, all that I equate my success to is how happy I am. Working hard and crushing business goals, makes me happy. Working hard to build and strengthen the relationships with those that I love, makes me happy. Working hard every day to build a business that will help others grow too, makes me happy. 

We only die once, but we live every single day. Work hard on what brings you happiness and success is imminent. 

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