What 12 years in sales has taught me about ‘Hustle’ and Joy

Growing up, my mother always told me “Never get into sales. It will be the hardest job you ever have.” Seriously, she told me that all the time. 

Like a good girl who listens to her mother, I embarked on my journey of being a salesperson at a Fry’s electronics at the age of 18. I sold electronic components for machines, IT and computer builds. 

Two years later, I started my career in insurance. This month marks 10 years I’ve spent in the industry of insurance and finance. I’ve never paid a bill late, I’ve always been able to make ends meet no matter how difficult or dire the circumstances and I owe 100% of that to my hustle and love of sales.

Really, I've loved sales since the moment we met.

I never realized how much ‘hustle’ was innately coursing through my DNA until recently, when my mom started to tell me stories about her dad. Years after he passed, they would still find money under mattresses, in coat pockets, under rugs. 

Only a ‘true hustler’ hides money in fancy coat pockets and under a freaking, rug. That’s gangster.


I love hustle. I love ‘the grind’. I love sales. One of the main reasons I don’t want children is because I don’t want it to impede on my ability to build the empire I see in my mind. That empire I see in my mind is leaving this earth a better way than I found it one happy human at a time. I believe my impact on this earth will be greater impacting many-- not some.

I love guiding a customer through a sales process that makes them feel like it was the most ‘pain-free’ thing they’ve ever bought. I love protecting people with proper insurance coverage so they are safe when a loss occurs. Most of all? I love people. 

The largest lesson I have learned about myself over the last 12 years and specifically, the past 2.5 years of entrepreneurship, building an insurance agency, is not that I love the hustle or the grind, or money— it’s that I love people. Every human that I deal with from a referral partner in a dealership, someone on my team, to a customer, I find joy in our interaction. 

Yes, I love to crush sales goals and make money but most of all, I just love to interact with humans that love to interact with me, while, I provide a superior service that no one else comes close to providing. 

I started my journey in sales, 12 years ago, focused on the end goal of making hella stacks. In fact, my main goal in life for more than 12 years was to make $100,000 a year. I climbed that mountain and only found disappointment at the top— not joy. 

First and foremost I am not a salesperson nor an entrepreneur. First, I am a human that loves to build relationships with other humans always keeping their best interest at the forefront of my mind. The goal of my hustle used to always be money. I realize now money isn’t the joy of ‘hustle’ the human beings are. Joy is the process of each interaction that builds a business from 0 to prosperity.

Thanks, Mom. I'm glad I always liked to do exactly what you told me not to do. I love you!

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